Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brunswick Zone can eat it.

Well Monday night we decided to go bowling. Mom and Dad and I bowled on a league last year and we've been bowling fairly regularly ever since. Jeff doesn't really bowl but neither does Eric so they could hang out and drink beer and throw a few balls every now and then. So we get to the bowling alley (The Brunswick Zone, North Ridgeville) and I pay for the two hours of bowling package for 6 people. You get 2 hours of bowling, shoe rentals and a pitcher of coke. We bowled for about 1.5 hours and were having a great time when our lane suddenly shut off. Just prior to this Eric had thrown a wild ball that ended up skipping over the lane divider and into the next lane. So we figured that either our time was up or Eric got it shut down. Jeff went to the counter to ask what happened. He was standing around up there for about ten minutes and in that time we decided to get ready to go. We put away our balls and changed back to street shoes. Then Jeff came back and said that the desk clerk said he thought we had left so he turned off our lane. Well he turned the lane back on and we still had 25 minutes left. Now we had to get ready to bowl again which took about ten minutes. So my dad went back to the desk to ask if he could credit us the time that it took to get ready to bowl again since it was THEIR MISTAKE. Desk clerk said no, he had turned the lane right back on and we hadn't lost any time. Dad got pissed and started yelling, desk clerk got pissed and started yelling back and get more adamant that he was not going to correct the time. So dad came back and I went up to the desk. I asked politely why the lane had been turned off to begin with. Desk Clerk yelled "It was an accident! These lanes malfunction all the time!!" So I calmly said "Ok, but it was the lanes mistake, not ours, we took off our shoes and got ready to go, all I'm asking for is the ten minutes that it took to get ready to bowl again." Desk Clerk gets more heated and starts rambling incoherently. I tried again but he interrupted my every word with more yelling. I said "Why is this such a big deal?" He said that he COULD add more time to our game but he WOULDN'T because my dad had yelled at him. I again pointed out that it was his mistake not ours and I was the paying customer not my dad. He said NO he would NOT DO IT. I could see this dude was on the verge of tears (apparently not used to dealing with confrontation) and he told me if I had a problem I could call his manager in the morning. I said I would do that and walked away. So I've sent a strongly worded email to Brunswick but I have yet to hear back.

I have never been treated so rudely in all my life. We were not asking for a lot. All I wanted was the time that it took to get ready. Hell he could have just paused the time until we were ready if he hadn't been such a dick. Like I said- I've been a regular customer. It's unfortunate since Brunswick is just up the street from me but there are plenty of other lanes in the area and you can be sure if they don't make this right I will NEVER be back. I will also discourage others from patronizing them. Plenty of companies have recently learned how powerful the internet is- I hope they do too.