Sunday, March 11, 2018

The ONLY Way to Hard Cook an Egg

I apologize for the click bait-y title. I've been on a quest to find the best way to hard cook my eggs for years. I make deviled eggs for nearly every potluck. They're easy, nut free and mine are pretty badass. Plus, I make salads every day for work and a lot of times, I rely on hard cooked eggs for my protein source. Of course, the worst part about hard cooked eggs is peeling them without peeling off half the egg. I have finally completed my quest! A fast and easy way to hard cook an egg with shells that peel off amazingly easily!

I was an early adopter of pressure cooking/ multicooking technology. We have a Fagor Multicooker- but it's just like the super popular Instant Pot that you probably got for Christmas. We have been using it in conjunction with our freezer cooking lifestyle for about two and half years now. I also love to make yogurt in it! Until three weeks ago, however; I had never used it to hard cook an egg. It's so simple, it takes maybe 15 minutes from raw to peeled and ready to use. Here's how it works:

1. Put raw eggs in the inner pot of your multicooker. Add 1/2 cup of water.

2. Put the lid on the cooker and seal the steam nozzle.

3. Set the cooker for 5 minutes on "pressure cook: high". It will take about 5 minutes to build pressure and then 5 minutes at pressure. 

4. When the cook time is done, quick release the pressure. 

5. Open the pot and take out the inner pot. Place in the sink and run cool water in to the pot.

6. When cool enough to handle, enjoy the easy peeling!

7. Make salad, or deviled eggs, or whatever else you do with hard cooked eggs!

Now you know the secret! Go forth and cook some eggs!

This method is also perfect for making eggs to dye for Easter. Just stop after cooling them and dye them!