Thursday, September 8, 2016

Survey Says... Taking Surveys Pays

I've been taking surveys for money for about 3 years now. I could lie and say I started because I wanted to have an impact on manufacturers, marketers, etc but I've always just been in it for the rewards. I regularly take surveys with three different programs and I thought I'd give a quick run down of the pros and cons of each.

VIP Voice

VIP Voice is the company that asks me to take the most surveys. It also nets me the most rewards. One of the unique features of this program is that you are rewarded for EVERY survey that you are sent- even if you end up being screened out. Points are awarded for each survey and the points can be saved and used to bid on a good assortment of prizes (gift cards, board games, electronics and more) or they can be used to buy entries into sweepstakes for larger prizes like trips. The number of points that you earn for each survey depends on your "level", which increases the more surveys you take. I'm a level 5 (top) and I earn 200 points for a survey that I am screened out of and 550 points for a completed survey. The surveys that VIP Voice offers are always the same and if you stick around, you will know as soon as you start it whether you will qualify or whether you will screen out each week. They survey about things like: clothing purchases, electronics purchases, dining out, video game/ tv usage and other household and car purchases. They also have a "Food Diary" survey that they tend to offer me about once a month. It's a special survey that lasts a week and asks you to record everything you or one of your kids ate for the whole week. You earn points for every day that you complete the diary and after 7 days you earn a 25.00 gift card to a selection of places (I always choose Amazon, but there are other options). Over the past 18 months I have taken this particular survey 15 times and earned $375.00 from Amazon. Also over the last 18 months, I've won two mobile battery packs (to play Pokémon GO, of course), 3 Xbox One games, 2 board games, a popcorn popper and a gift card for $50.00. Click here to join.

Springboard America

Springboard America offers me about 3-4 surveys a week. They are always different. They award a dollar amount for each survey- ranging from $0.75 to $2.50. If you are screened out you will receive an entry in to a monthly drawing for a cash prize. I have never won this prize :). What I HAVE earned though- is $200.00 in the past 18 months. Springboard America has a "cash out" minimum of $50.00. When you reach $50.00 in survey dollars, you click redeem and you are given the choice between an Amazon gift card and a Paylution account that is like a virtual Visa card to spend anywhere you like online. If you are interested you can click here to sign up OR you can let me know you want to sign up and send me your email and I'll send you a link to earn myself $2.00. Either way :)

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is the first survey company that I signed up with. I receive the least amount of survey opportunities from them. I unfortunately screen out of most of the opportunities I am sent. A screener is worth 10 points and a completed survey is worth 200-500 points. The points translate to a penny each. You need a minimum of 1000 points (or $10.00) to cash out. When you cash out, the payment is made to Paypal and then redeemed to your bank account for cash. I have earned $68.00 from ACOP in the last 18 months. Click here to join.

So, taking surveys isn't going to pay the bills, but it does get you some nice spending money on a pretty regular basis as well as some fun prizes. It takes a pretty minimal time investment, maybe a couple hours a week, spread out.