Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Rants

It's winter and I have been reminded of all of my pet peeves about winter so I decided to write about it. You'll probably be offended by at least one of them but that's OK, no one is forcing you to read this.

Breaking NEWS! Winter is cold! Winter has snow! Further updates at 11! For reals, if you can't tolerate the cold where you live, move. If you can't move, wear more clothes. A coworker came to work this morning in ballet flats with no socks and was complaining that her feet were cold. It's -2F outside. Wear some goddamn appropriate footwear for fuck's sake. As a grown ass adult, you have the ability to dress yourself. If you fail to wear appropriate amounts of clothing shut your mouth. I don't want to hear it.

I do not want to hear about how "You're not worried about yourself, you're worried about everyone else". It's a stupid argument to begin with but then when you tell me how "you just ignore everyone else and drive 20 on the highway because SNOW! (dusting)" it becomes painfully apparent that it IS YOU. YOU are the bad driver. Learn to drive in snow. Go to an abandoned, unplowed parking lot and put yourself into a slide and learn how to get out of it. It is prudent to drive cautiously when there is inclement weather but if you don't feel safe going anywhere near the speed of the rest of traffic get off the fucking road.

Can we please get some kind of realistic guidelines for when school should be open and when it shouldn't? I really hate the "Well X school closed so we should close" mentality. What is true for one school system may not be at all true for others. For example, when one district closes because they have a high percentage of kids who walk to school and they don't think that it's safe for walkers it's not relevant to a school where all of the kids are dropped off by their parents. If the roads are unsafe for driving, close the school. If the extreme cold causes pipes to burst or the heater is broken then sure, close the school. Closing just because someone else closed is stupid and annoying.

I hate driving down the road and getting blasted by hunks of ice and snow because the asshole in front of me was too fucking lazy to brush the snow off their car. Scratching a hole in the ice on your windshield is not safe. Don't half-ass your life.

I'm sure there are more things I hate but this is what's hot on my mind right now. Mostly, just don't be an idiot.